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We are in love with Italy, Sicily and Terrasini. We had been visiting the island for many years by the time we reached this magical town - we "arrived". We immediately fell in love with its beach, the colors, the smells, the tastes and the smiles of the people who live here. Not long after, we were already residents of Terrasini, and at the same time we started our business, Love Terrasini. Our main profile is the release of apartments that we have personally met and photographed. Thanks to virtual presentations and accurate, first-hand information, you can rent accommodation for your dream trip without disappointment. Of course, that's not all!

We help you live the dolce vita with ease ... You will know where you should have dinner, where to go to the beach, what attractions are in the area, you can participate in optional programs, but we will also help you with how to park, how to order in Italian, where there are shops and we provide you with lots of other useful information. From 2023, we will be able to help you organize and organize camps (for example, Italian language, yoga, gastro) camps .

We look forward to welcoming you!


We can provide you with useful tips and advice - to fill your trip with content


We visited all of the apartments in this website, and got to know their properties


Even without a deposit or credit card.


We are at your disposal, if you need some help


- at discount prices

- by renting a car is free


Would you like to surprise your friend with a small gift, a bouquet of flowers, or a birthday cake? We will help you with it


In order to find the most suitable accommodation for you, we need to know how many of you and exactly when you are coming, whether you need a kitchen or, in the case of several people, separate bedrooms.

There are Ryanair flights to Palermo from Budapest and Vienna, but you can also get to Trapani from Bratislava. Terrasini is 10 minutes from Palermo airport, but only 50 minutes from Trappani airport.  We can always provide an airport transfer at a discounted price. 


If our accommodation offer is suitable for you, then you should buy your flight tickets right away. After that, we issue an invoice for a 30% deposit and finalize the reservation.  Each specific offer is valid for 3 days, because the accommodation providers hold the apartments for you until then!


From July 1  to September 14

From September 15 to June 30

On holidays

In high season, apartment prices range from 80 to 120 euros/night for two people. For a larger number of people, an extra 10%.

Out of season, you can book from 37 euros/night. It is also worth knowing about this period that not only accommodation prices, but also plane tickets and car rentals are more favorable - and there is plenty of beach season here even in October. :) And the "winter" months are perfect for trips, sports, and sunbathing.

On major holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, New Year's Eve, the "Spring Season" prices usually apply, but here, as in all cases, we can only give a specific price for a specific period. 

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