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Torre Alba - Love Terrasini_2568..jpeg

and must feel

Torre Alba

Built in 1589, it is one of Sicily's defense towers and is currently the scene of cultural and social events.

Capo Rama - Love Terasini_655342.jpeg

Torre Capo Rama

The oldest building in Terrasini, it was built in the 16th century and was one of the ten towers that protected Palermo.

Piazza del Duomo - Love Terrasini_6653.jpeg

Piazza del Duomo

Terrasini's heart beats on this square. The best restaurants, bars, and pastry shops waiting here the tourists and the residents.

Terrasini - Love Terrasini_0434.jpg

Rubinetto Magico

Miracles are flowing from the tap in Terrasini.

Terrasini - Love Terrasini_0480.jpg

Grotta Perciata

The coolest "insta" background is a few minutes' walk from the downtown.

Strtandok - Love Terrasini.jpeg

Endless number of beaches

Terrasini awaits with sandy, pebble, and rocky coastal beaches, not to mention the dazzling coral reefs.

Castellamare del Golfo - Love Terrasini_467.jpg

Castellammare del Golfo

The city where you can even meet Formula 1 pilots.

Segesta - Love Terrasini_3268i.jpeg


An ancient Greek city with a fantastic atmosphere and an amazing panorama.

Scopello - Love Terrasini_364.jpeg


Scoppello is a small borgo with few hundred residents, and is famous for beaches. The Tonnara di Scopello has even served as movie scenes.

San Vito Lo Capo - Love Terrasini_245.jpeg

San Vito Lo Capo

Are you dreaming about the Caribbean Sea, but it's too far? White sand and crystal-clear water are waiting for you here, on the more than 3-kilometer-long beach surrounded by palm trees.

 Palermo - Love Terrasini_784.jpg


In the southern Italian capital of street food, you will try culinary and cultural miracles at every corner. Believe me, it will enchant you!

 Monreale - Love Terrasini_8664532.jpg


In this cosy small town in the top of the mountain near to Palermo, you can admire the richness of Byzantine art.

Arancini detail, traditional Italian food, mostly Sicilian, one stuffed with meat and peas

Arancina and not Arancino!

Stuffed, breaded rice balls?! The Al ragu is with minced meat with tomato sauce, the Al burro is the prosciutto, and mozzarella version.

Sicilian street food, sandwich with chickpea pancakes called _panelle__edited.jpg


Chickpea pie. You can order it in a sandwich, or as a garnish instead of boring fries.

 - Love Terrasini_853.jpeg

Ca' meusa (Panino con la milza)

A sandwich made with veal bile, if you want a really special Sicilian taste experience.

 Birra Messina Cristalli di sale - Love Terrasini_745342.jpeg

Birra Messina Cristalli di Sale

Beer with sea salt.

Fritti di mare - Love Terrasini_54.jpg

Fritti di mare

The never-boring deep-fried sea "monsters".

Busiate con pistacchi e gamberi - Love Terrasini_64.jpg

Busiate con pistacchi e gamberi

Busiate pasta with pistachio and shrimp. Unmissable! 

Trippa alla palermitana - Love Terrasini_4534.jpeg

Trippa alla palermitana

Palermo tripe. Made from veal, with parmesan or caciocavallo cheese.

Mandulabor - Love Terrasini_463.jpeg

Vino di mandorla

Almond liqueur made with Marsala wine and bitter almonds. Chilled, it is also excellent as a dessert, thanks to its special, aromatic taste and amazing aroma.

Stighiola - Love Terrasini_356.jpg


Grilled lamb intestines, only for the bravests street food warriors!

Dolcetti siciliani - Love Terrasini_674 másolat.jpg

Sicilian Dolcetti

These eye-catching cookies hide a real orgy of taste. With an unlimited amount of pistachios, almonds and ricotta.

 Aperol - Love Terrasini_745342 másolat.JPG

Aperol spritz

All day, all night.

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