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Located a ten minutes drive from Palermo airport, the small town is located in the northwestern part of Sicily, between the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the pink rocks of the Sicani Mountains. From May to November, Terrasini is the city of the beaches: sandy, pebble and rocky bays await sea lovers. You should also come here after the beach season. Even in the winter months, a sunny weather with 15-20 degrees is typical, and thanks to the sea, the temperature only cools down a few degrees at night. All this makes it possible to go on trips, hikes, cycling both on the coast and in the mountains, diving and other water sports all year round. However you only want to chill out and recharge yourself with some vitamin D, this is your place! The downtown area and the beach attract visitors with an incredible number of bars, restaurants, and pastry shops.


Bathing in the sea in November? Yes! On the coastline of Sicily, the beach season lasts even after August, so don't leave your bikini at home in autumn!


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